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What our guests will experience when visiting us! 

  1. You will learn how our partner's program will put you on top of your competition!

  2. Semi-Private Gowns Show - You can choose which gown you want to see on the models! 

  3. Show special offers that you don't want to miss!

  4. Drinks, Champagne, and more - You will have fun! 

  5. Nice getaway from the crowded booths, only a 6-8m walk from the fair!

  6. And, of course - Gorgeous Gowns of the highest quality at great prices!

Crystal Ball


comming soon..

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Design yourself.



Rich and glamorous

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Visit Us

Join us at the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week and get to know the Riki Dalal family! We're excited to showcase our latest collections and give you a hands-on experience of our stunning designs. Discover our Allure collection, which is being launched for the first time, and our revolutionary Pure Infinity Collection, which has captivated countless brides. Plus, don't miss out on our Star Collection, with its rich and glamorous style.Our Israeli brand is known for its diversity and exceptional value, providing the perfect options for you and your brides. So, come meet us, touch the fabrics, and be impressed with our breathtaking collections!

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10.00AM - 07:00PM

10.00AM - 07:00PM

10.00AM - 07:00PM

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Why us?

Here’s a quick summary of what's in it for you to work with us:

  1. Custom changes bring your bride’s dream to reality with customization.

  2. Flexible sizing, from standard sizes, plus sizes, split sizes, and made-to-measure

  3. Minimum 3.0 markup offer, increasing your store’s bottom line.

  4. Success-guaranteed offerings: Tiers level & Monthly Selling incentives, the more you sell, the more you save.

  5. 90 days production turnaround time.

  6. Rush & Rush+ option for orders that you need early! 30 - 89 days production turnaround time for approved orders.

  7. Dress loaning support for our partners; pay the shipping only.

  8. Excellent customer service and support! We are here for you and help you sell more...From your pre-sell to post-sell needs and questions.

  9. Exclusivity options - We will work with you to build the market and be successful above your competitors.

  10. Private label unique program.

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