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Top 2020 Wedding Trends

Getting married this year? A new decade calls for new trends and we are here to help so check out these top new wedding trends for 2020

Ecofriendly wedding

It’s an obvious one but we had to write it. This year is all about zero waste and sustainability. They are so many ways to make your 2020 wedding more ecofriendly and we can tell you how to start: look for local products and materials, use reusable décor such as glassware, wood, macramé, ribbons and books. Switch to non-plastic straws and cups and buy some biodegradable confetti. Remember this is worth it and not that much of a bother. 

Micro Weddings 

We know they say the more the merrier, but less is more. This year weddings are going smaller and with that also affordable and intimate. Couples do get a venue, catering and a photographer but everything is on a smaller scale. This trend is perfect for couples on a budget who don’t want to go overboard with all the fuss and instead want to have a more minimalist's kind of a wedding. 

Customizable menus

More and more couples put extra thoughts into what their guests will eat. Various vegan and gluten free options are norm at every wedding today but now guests will be able to enjoy the personal touch: the bride and the groom favorite dishes, familiar and loved comfort food and all-time childhood classics. Just present it nicely and watch your family and friends adore it. 

Self-Serve Refreshments

Familiar with the "help yourself" food and dessert stations? Well 2020 is all about refreshment stations and we are loving it. Get your guests involved by setting up a self-serve drink bar and let them go crazy with the options: Juice, beer, cocktail and mocktail collections presented with style can be a great edition to any venue. Cheers! 

Charcuterie board

The charcuterie board trend is new to weddings even though you must have seen it in other events and celebrations. The beauty about them is that you can easily put whatever you want on them: cheese, salmon, ham, olives, nuts and fruits and they just look so wonderful and taste like heaven. We recommend serving them at a room temperature for the perfect reception. 

Charitable Weddings

Couples today usually get married after already having most of the they need and registering just isn’t such a big deal as before, instead some choose to register at a charity or give donations to their favorite charities, like Prince Harry and Meghan and we approve. There is a lot more ways to make your wedding charitable and every effort count. Get your family and friends excited and go do some good! 

Colorful groom

No more boring, ordinary colors like black, grey or dark blue. Some grooms today put more effort in their big day outfits and dare to wear bright colored suits. Light blue, bright red, purple and even pattern suits are all in style and you just need to pick one and feel special. If you want to take it to the next level, try to match the suite with the color palette you planned for your wedding. 

Bridal Barrettes

Instead of wearing a veil, many brides today choose to decorate their wedding day hairdo with barrettes and combs. This trend started with the rise of hair accessorize and now you can see them at weddings too. 
Bridal barrettes can be found everywhere in every size color or shape so grab what you like best. Simple and elegant, sparkly and chic they are all you need to achieve a 2020 wedding stylish look. 

2 wedding dresses

Saying yes to only one dress is irrelevant today since so many brides choose to wear 2 dresses to their big day. This trend is also very practical for brides who want to change up their look from ceremony to reception. You don’t have to match both styles and can go on a different look – big royal ball gown to begin with and then a fun short frizzy dress, just don’t forget to get a pair of shoes that will fit them both! 

Whether it's 2 or just the one Riki Dalal have a huge dresses selection of different styles and design to fit all your expectations. Sneak a peek at the collection or contact us for a fitting here

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