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‘The First’ Collection
The name LiRi was given to our new brand as inspiration from the legendary King of England, King Lear, in addition to our desire as a leading fashion company to let each bride feel like a royal queen on her wedding day without compromising her wedding dress because of her budget.

That is when LiRi enters the picture. That is when LiRi creates a revolution. “The first” Collection The collection was inspired by our most popular designs of the past, but made of light fabrics, less beaded and less expensive.

The collection comes in fixed sizes. LiRi appeals to all women everywhere and therefore the collection draws inspiration from the most popular women names in the British Kingdom. Beautiful dresses, made of high-quality taste and come straight from the Israeli fashion house in the market since 1979.

The dresses are very suitable for all types of weddings and are also a wonderful option for a second dress.


Artikelnummer: LIR1006
2.000,00$ Standardpreis
Color: Ivory
  • Please note, these are dresses from Export Surplus and are intended for immediate and full, final sale. No refunds.�
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