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Melody, by Liri of Riki Dalal Academy BRAND NEW. Multiple layers of stunning material with champagne undertones. Magnificent, ethereal princess dress. The dress is a crisp white and champagne. There are six stunning layers of soft, delicate tulle, top layer is white; the 2nd layer is sheer white with embossed floral pattern; the 3rd layer is blush and the 4th champagne which adds depth and definition to the floral pattern. There is a 7th inner lining of soft satin making it comfortable and breathable.The dress has beautiful embroidery and 3D detail in bodice with a subtle white shimmer from cleverly placed sequins. The shoulder straps attach securely to the bodice with robust poppers, which are concealed by pretty floral motifs, and the straps can be worn on or off shoulder, or can be completely removed.


وحدة SKU: LIR1012
1٬885٫00$ سعر عادي
754٫00$سعر البيع
  • Please note, these are dresses from Export Surplus and are intended for immediate and full, final sale. No refunds.�
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