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Top 10 Locations for Engagement Photos in San Francisco

With the rush and excitement of getting married, you may not have the time or have difficulty discovering the absolute perfect locations for your engagement photo session. The Golden City has some of the most striking, vibrant spots to celebrate your love story. The experts at Riki Dalal Couture have done the research and have compiled a master list of the most stunning snap spots that are our-go to recs in eternalizing unforgettable moments.

1. Baker Beach

Commend your match made in heaven on one of the most beautiful beaches in all of San Francisco. Alluring in both rain or shine, this spot has fabulous, panoramic views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Land’s End, and Marin Headlands. With lavish sunsets, this spot is naturally a brilliant location for beach engagement shoots. Our tip: opt to plan for your shoot to be on a weekday, rather than on sunny weekends which consist of large crowds.

2. Palace of Fine Arts

The Palace of Fine Arts, one of San Francisco’s architectural landmarks, is a luxurious, grandiose structure in the utmost immaculate condition since constructed in 1915 for the Panama-Pacific Exposition. In the center of the park one will find a massive, delightful lagoon populated with swans, birds, turtles, and fish, as well as pleasing landscaping. The structure is truly breathtaking, and we would not be surprised if you found yourself in the background of another happy couple’s engagement pictures!

3. Lover’s Lane in Presidio Park

Settled in Presidio Park, Lover’s Lane will make all your fairytale dreams a reality. The path is lined with Eucalyptus trees which results in astonishing views in photographs. Art and nature lovers will not be able to contain their joy when visiting this astounding scenic park. Our tip: end your day at the Presidio Officers’ Club for a bite to eat and revel in the history exhibits.

4. Pier 7

For the couples who are looking for more of an urban setting, capture your personalities effortlessly at a spot close to Market Street Downtown, called Pier 7. The remarkable handrails, lamps, and wooden pier makes this the ultimate romantic spot. With marvelous views towards the financial district on one side and the Bay and Bay Bridge in the other, we advise to shoot at sunset for the best lighting or at night, as the sunlight tends to be harsh during the day!

5. Sutro Baths

A spot typically known to be surrounded with fog, is a unique location to take pictures. The mood is very moody and romantic. In an area full of history and overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the sunlight will beam through your photographs exhibiting vibrant blue and green colors. Our trip: start your journey at the Outlook Café and make your way down the Land’s End trail down to the beach and cave. This location will assist you in preserving a memorable moment, forever.

6. Telegraph Hill

One of the original “Seven Hills”, this Hill owes its name to a semaphore, which is a wind-like structure that would signal to the rest of the city the nature of the ships entering the Golden Gate. Spiraling down the hill are lush gardens and flocks of wild parrots, one will feel as if they are in an urban jungle.

7. Golden Gate Park- Stowe Lake

From the Rose Garden to the Conservatory of Flowers to the Japanese Garden, this scenic spot can be found in the heart of the Golden Gate Park and is ideal for an engagement shoot. One may rent a row boat from the café for gorgeous snaps of a lovely rowboat or swan boat ride. The striking greenery and graceful lake make a captivating background for any couple that wants an outdoor vibe for their photographs.

8. Legion of Honor

San Fran is covered in sensational, old architecture. The Legion of Honor is a fine arts museum in a Beaux-arts building located in Lincoln Park. One will find views of the Golden Gate Bridge and Pacific Ocean. The stone pillars result in a regal beauty and the center sculpture has a French appeal. Our tip: if you can avoid cars in the background, there is a large fountain in front of the museum which releases a Europe-type vibe and is phenomenal.

9. The Presidio

For a bohemian, earthy shoot, take a walk through this forest and find the spot where the trees turn right. Lean, tall trees can be found all over and is the perfect backdrop. Usually surrounded with fog, you will feel as if you are in an enchanted forest with trees wrapped in ivy. These photographs are guaranteed to symbolize your magical love story.

10. Japanese Tea Garden

A tropical paradise with a distinctive combination of elegance and purity, evoke in your modern romance. During autumn the foliage releases yellow, red, oranges, and evergreen leaves. If you cannot make it in the fall, you can look forward to cherry blossoms in March and April! With koi ponds and a Zen garden, this miraculous spot will allow you to feel sensuous and free.

It is your personality, your day, and your passions. Each location has its own narrative and energy to help you begin your journey and illustrate your story. Transform today’s moments into tomorrow’s memories at these outstanding photoshoot spots.

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